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VWR SHELDON 1927 ZZMFG Incubateur de laboratoire avec chariot à rouleaux (Usagé)

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Manufacturier: VWR Sheldon
Modèle: 1927 ZZMFG
Numéro de série: 0500299
Dimensions: 41'' large X 33.5'' long X 88'' haut.
Spec: 16 amps, 120V - 1Phase

Inclus: Chariot à rouleaux
Manufacturier: Wheaton science
Modèle: Modular Roller
Spec: 120V, 35W
Dimensions: 24'' large X 29'' long X 41'' haut.

The VWR 1927 CO2 incubator is well suited for roller-bottle apparatus and high volume tissue culture applications. It's ideal for cell harvesting.
The reinforced chamber floor is specifically designed for easy movement of roller bottle apparatus by use of "flip-out" ramp. Gentle, mechanical air convection ensures excellent temperature uniformity and elimanates cold spots. Infrared system accurately controls CO2 and is not affected by temperature or humidity.

Offers walk-in capacity while taking up very little floor space. Model 1927 provides a volume of over 40cu.ft. Microprocessor-controlled with digital temperature set point and digital display of temperature and CO2. Temperature display and CO2 may be calibrated easily on the keypad.

Temperature range is 5° above ambient to 70°C. CO2 range is 0-20%. Will include 3 shelves that will not sag or bend with heavy loads - more shelves are available at additional cost. The shelves are adjustable from top to bottom on ½" centers. Features a reinforced floor to support roller apparatus or shakers. Adjustable leveling feet.

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