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LABCONCO Hotte de laboratoire 6' (Protector Premier Laboratory Hoods) (Usagé)

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Marque : Labconco

Manufacturier: Labconco
Dimensions: 6' long

Protector Premier Laboratory Hoods incorporate a sleek interior with a molded one-piece fiberglass liner, the signature feature of Labconco’s leading line of fume hoods since 1961. The one-piece liner of specially-formulated, fiberglass-reinforced polyester offers corrosion and fire resistance and easy clean up. Without seams, the interior has fewer points of deterioration for longer life.

These hoods are suitable for general chemistry applications. Explosion-proof models are available for laboratories with potentially explosive/flammable atmospheres (Class 1 Div I or II).

Protector Premier Hoods incorporate many containment-enhancing features including Clean-Sweep™ technology and Eco-Foil™ air foil. The Protector Premier Hood meets the SEFA-1 standard of a low velocity, high performance hood and may be safely operated as low as 60 fpm.
Protector Premier Laboratory Hoods are offered in 4', 5', 6' and 8' wide benchtop design, so their dimensions exactly match standard laboratory casework or accessory Protector Base Cabinets and Stands.

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