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FLEXIBLE MATERIAL HANDLING NESTAFLEX 376 Convoyeur à rouleaux extensible (Usagé)

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Marque : Flexible Material Handling
Modèle : Nestaflex 376

Fabriqué en 2014

15' 6'' longeur maximum

90'' longeur minimum
24'' large
34'' haut


The 376 is a heavy duty, gravity conveyor that features DOUBLE welded cross braces, heavy duty square tubing legs and reinforced inner legs for added support. The ALL STEEL reinforced leg and frame design provides the strength necessary to handle heavy cartons in an industrial environment. The all bolted design uses shoulder bolts, steel lock nuts and is additionally secured with industrial thread lock to help reduce maintenance. The FOUR POINT leg connection gives additional strength to the 376 model making your conveyor last longer! The ALL-STEEL construction provides unmatched structural integrity, whether the conveyor is extended, contracted or configured in simple or compound curves. Adjustable inner legs vary the height to achieve gravity flow. The fixed leg option gives added durability to application specific designs. The NESTAFLEX 376 has a proven track record in the industry and is the choice for medium to high volume shipping and receiving departments.

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