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CORA ALTOPASCIO Valve Sanitaire 10'' (Usagé)

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Modèle : SV-I/10/113/1

Manufacturier: CORA ALTOPASCIO 
Modèle: SV-I/10/113/1
Corps: inox 316L, papillon: 316L (10 '', 250mm) et silicone moulé. Sceller FDA qualité alimentaire silicone.
Douille PTFE, bande de serrage 304 s / s, la vanne rapide à démonter et facile avec des outils de nettoyage.

Sole Valve:

The Sole Valve is designed and manufactured respecting the strictest hygiene norms and avoiding recesses and interstices of any kind, thus allowing the operator to quickly disassemble and clean the valve without using any tools. The vane, by means of its (alternate 90° angle) movement allows a quick interception and discharge of the product; it is designed to resolve the problem of interception and control of the flow of powders, granules, and pastes.

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