WEBER RH Alpha Compact Wipe-On Label Applicator (Used)

Brand: Weber
Model: RH Alpha

The Alpha Compact unit automatically unwinds the supply roll and peels the labels from their liner, then wipes the label on to products, cartons or other packages as they travel past the system on a conveyor line. This system applies labels up to 4.7" wide and 11.8" long at speeds up to 164 feet per minute to a tolerance of ±0.03".

The versatile unit can be oriented to apply labels to the sides, tops or bottoms of packages. To accommodate various production environments, the Alpha Compact can be specified for right- or left-hand applications.

Three Interfaces

Depending upon the complexities and demands of the particular labeling operation, the Alpha Compact is available with three separate interfaces:

Panel HMI includes an external operator's panel that provides system control through a pair of potentiometers and four push-buttons.

Display HMI replaces the operator's panel with an LCD display that provides full access to all adjustment parameters.

USB utilizes a USB connection that permits the unit to be configured from a PC.

Each version of the Alpha Compact features rugged die-cast aluminum construction, single-key calibration, automatic recognition of missing labels, in-production speed adjustment, and more.

Year: 2014

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