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PIAB C3302-400 Vacuum Conveyors with support (Used)

SKU: PSV6005
Brand: PIAB

Manufacturer: PIAB
Model: C3302-400
316 Stainless steel construction. 
Vacuum pump L400 MK, CFM at 87psi, 59 cu/ft min. 
Comes with flexible hose.
Tri-clamp 2''. 

Particle size: p>5µ
Filter area: 0.39 m2
Working temperature: 0–60ºC
Feed pressure: 0.4–0.6 MPa
Internal volume: 13 liters

Capacity at different conveying distances:
3.6 ton/hour* at 5 m
1.8 ton/hour at 10 m
1.0 ton/hour at 20 m
0.6 ton/hour at 30 m

Included: Elevator support: 120V/66Amps.,

Max height:106'' with out conveyor.
Max heigth between floor and conveyor:80''.
6 modules on conveyor: vacuum pump, filter support module, connetion module, reception module, draining module. Control unit to regulate drawing up time.

Operation manual



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