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PAC Machinery PV-G18 - Vacuum Impulse Sealer (Used)

SKU: SD161
Brand: PAC Machinery
Model: PV-G18

This vacuum sealer comes standard with gas flush for modified atmosphere packaging, bi-active seal bars for top and bottom heat during sealing, and independant vacuum, gas, seal and cool timers.


Seal Lenght Maximum: 18''

Seal Width: 5/16'' in top and bottom seal jaws

Sealing System: Thermal impulse

1/4 HP electric vacuum pump for fast air evacuation

Dual stainless steel vacuum/gas flush nozzles to accommodate vacuum packaging one or two bags/cycle

Convenient footswitch cycle activation

Ajustable seal head angle (horizontal to vertical) to accomodate product orientation

Pneumatic low-pressure jaw close safety system with release if obstruction is detected

Air Requirement (min): 100 PSI

Electrical Requirement: 110V 1PH

Total Dimensions: 26'' x 30'' x 58'' 

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