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Lantech Q300 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper (Used)


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Brand: Lantech
Model: Q300S

Turntable stretch wrappers are a type of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping system. A load is placed on a turntable, which rotates relative to the film roll, which is housed in a carriage attached to a vertical "mast" on which it may move up and down.

Power Supply: 120v 60hz 20A 2.4kw

Overall dimension (W x L x H): 137'' x 70'' x 121''

Pallet dimesion (L x W): 40'' x 48''

Pallet rotation platform speed: 12 Rpm

Recommended load size (diagonal): 72''

Maximum Load height: 80''

Maximum Load weight: 4000 Lbs

Height load detection: Intelli-Sensor

Standard Pre-Stretch: 200%

Wrapping force is adjustable

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