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LABCONCO 4322000 Vortex Evaporator (Used)

SKU: BIQ4005
Brand: Labconco
Model: 4322000

This Labconco vortex evaporator mixes, evaporates and incubates. Prepares samples for RIA, drug abuse screening, electrophoresis, HPLC, gas chromatography and other pharmaceutical and analytical applications. Handles multiple samples in standard tubes or vials. It heats, mixes and evaporates - separately or in combination. Mixing adjustable from 0-1600RPM. Temperature ambient - 80°C. Mixing and heating are uniform for each sample. Includes sample block for 90 culture tubes, 12mm diameter.

Serial number: 020597181Y
Spec: 115v, 10 amps, 1 phase, 1150 watts.


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