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EUROMATIC EQUIPMENT TYPE PENTA 5MA B14/M71 Direct current motor with gearbox (Used)

Brand: Euromatic Equipment
Model: PENTA 5MA B14/M71

A range of direct-current motors with power, reliability and durability feature. Using only top-quality materials, PENTA is ideal for variable-speed handling applications. Available with a wide range of windings, as well as different mechanical configurations and options, PENTA is flexible and adaptable to an extremely wide variety of specific needs.

Specs: 3000 RPM, 565 watts, 180V, 3.7 amps, 1.8 Nm. Frame 71. Flange B14.

Gearbox is a 2/1MG type, 72:1 Ratio, 30 Nm.

The equipment looks like new, ready barely used (564 hours).
Built in 2004.

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