AMERICAN PUMP BRUISER Pump with 2 1/2 TFLN S.S Tank (Used)

Brand: American PUMP

Chemical and Material Handling Pumps

Alemite Chemical and Material Handling Pumps are designed to provide
the capabilities and versatility needed to construct systems meeting
all the individual requirements of various applications. Chemicals and
materials are pumped from their original containers or bulk storage
tanks, transferred to the point of application and then sprayed,
dispensed or extruded.

GT Manual Pumps
Alemites new line of versatile GT manual pumps offers the perfect
solution to a variety of liquid transfer applications. They can
adjusted to fit a wide variety of container sizes simply by cutting
the siphon tube (included) to size. The optional remote dispensers
allow dispensing up to ten feet from the pump, while the air adapter
accessory converts the pump from manual to pneumatic power for even
greater versatility. Pumps include siphon tube and three drum seals to
fit nearly any container. Remote dispensers include 10 feet of PVC
tubing and hose clamps, and come assembled and ready to use. Air
adapter is sold separately and attaches directly to the pump.

Air-Operated Material Handling Pumps
Alemite Air-operated Chemical and Material Handling Pumps are
efficient solutions for a wide range of applications and are designed
for heavy-duty service and long life. Alemite Chemical and Material
Handling Pumps have two main componentsair motors and downtubes.
Alemite pumps have these features:
* Only use an average of 4-6 CFM of air per gallon of material
* Only required amount is pumpedleaving no material waste
* Pumps operate on demand
* Separated air motor prevents material contamination from pump tube
* Material is pumped on both up and down piston strokes for uniform

Air Motors
All Alemite Air Motors are factory tested and lubricated for maximum
service life and offer these features:
* Aluminum casting and cylinders are lightweight, corrosion
resistant and provide good heat transfer to minimize icing
* Double-toggles provide even pressure, prevent air motor stalling
or binding
* In-line exhaust meets OSHA noise requirements when equipped with a
* Precision-lapped air valve has wide air passages with no
restrictions, eliminating packings or spools that can deteriorate

The proper downtube is included with each pump and offers the
following features:
* Hardened valve seats and checks
* Hardened and ground piston rods
* Highly polished tube cylinders
* Packings custom fit each application

Alemite offers three types of downtubes to assure that all varieties
of materials can be pumped.
* Double Ball Type Large porting for positive priming and pumping
of light, viscous Class 1 and 2 materials
* Power Piston Type Combines the priming advantages of a ball
check with the abilities of an upper chop check to handle heavier
Class 2, 3 and 4 materials
* Dynamic Primer Type Primer rod extends below pump cylinder to
penetrate and work the material as well as provide positive
priming of the heaviest pumpable Class 5 and 6 materials

Dispense Dispensing involves the transfer of pumpable materials from
their original containers or bulk storage to the point of application.
Dispensing and transferring pumps are available to handle very light
liquids, heavy sealers, inks and other similar products.

Extrude Extruding is the application of heavy materials in a usable
form, such as ribbons or beads. Extruding systems can handle caulks
and sealers and varied chemical, food or pharmaceutical materials.


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