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VWR SCIENTIFIC 980001 Agitateur orbital (Usagé)

SKU : LAB183
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Marque : VWR Scientific Product
Modèle : 980001

Numéro de série: 0588
Spec: 120V - 1 Phase, 500W
12" x 10.5" Platforme

The VWR® Orbital Shakers is designed for a wide range of applications including cell cultures that require CO2 and humidity for optimal cell growth.

The microprocessor control provides consistent uniform shaking while safely ramping to the set speed. Distinctive operational features include the exclusive Accu-Drive Shaking System, which delivers exceptional speed control, accuracy, and durability. The system continuously monitors shaking speed and maintains set-point, even under changing loads. The displayed speed is accurate to +/- 1rpm below 100rpm, and +/-1% of set speeds above 100rpm. The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform shaking action. The shaker’s powerful triple eccentric drive and maintenance free, brushless DC motor, provide reliable service and continuous duty operation and can handle loads up to 15.9kg (35lbs).


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