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STA PACK GEM-52 Tapeuse de boîte (Dessus/Dessous) (Usagé)

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Marque : Sta Pack
Modèle : Gem-52

The STA-52 is a modular designed uniform carton sealing machine.  After the operator closes the top flaps and feeds the carton into the machine, the top and bottom flaps are simultaneously taped.  There is no limit on the carton length and the machine can handle a maximum width of 20.47” and a maximum height of 23.50”.  Its versatility rates as one of the best in the market. Dual side belt drives make the STA-52 well suited for a wide variety of carton sizes and shapes.  Along with the 90FPM belt speed it’s one of the most cost-effective case sealers in the industry.

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Tape width: 2''
Tab Length: 2''
​Lenght Min-Max: 5.90'' - Unlimited
​Width Min-Max: 3.94'' - 20.47''
​Height Min-Max: 3.94'' - 19.68''

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