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SATURN SD-2021 Tapeuse de boîtes (Usagé)

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Marque : Saturn
Modèle : SD-2021

Side Belt Adjustable Top and Bottom Flap Folding Sealer
•Plug-in operation
•Dual masts with twin lead screws for stability
•Precise top and bottom sealing
•Side-mounted compression rollers for tight seals
•Heavy duty side-belt drives ensure square cases
•Adjustable leg supports
•Easy case-size change-over – two crank handles
•Piranha Tape Heads for accurate and consistent sealing
•T-Rail System for quick and easy packaging
•Extended belts to pull the case through the top and bottom flap folders

Case Length: 6" min - no max
Case Width: 6" min - 20" max
Case Height: 4" min - 20" max
Electrical: 110V, 10 amps
Dimensions: 102"L x 40"W x 55-70"H


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