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SANYO CFC FREE MIR-253 Incubateur de laboratoire (Usagé)

SKU : LAB141
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Marque : Sanyo
Modèle : CFC Free MIR-253

Numéro de série: 61208117
Poids: 104 kg
Dimensions: 24'' large X 27.5'' long X 62'' haut.
Spec: 2.3 amps, 115V, 228W.
Capacité: 254L.

The Sanyo MIR-253 is a 9 cu.ft. incubator. This unit features an 8-bit microprocessor controller that is ideal for heat and refrigeration stability and control. This unit has a temperature range from -10° to 50°C and it is ideal or a myriad of applications ranging from food industry to water treatment and microbiology.


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