MEHEEN M-SERIE 6 Remplisseuse/Bouchonneuse Contre-Pression (Usagé)

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Marque : Meheen 
Modèle : M-SERIE 6

Meheen Beer Bottle Filling Machine, M-Series with Temperature Display and Tank Pressure Control.

6 Filling heads and crowners
Age: November 2010.
Bottle size: 341 ml. bottles and 12 oz. American longneck. 
Air Flow: 15 cfm @ 90 psi
Speed: up to 40 bpm
Included a rinser, long tube filling, auto crown sorter, pre-purge, single pre-evac, auto fill detection, auto leak detection, CO2 Pulse Intensity Control.

Meheen’s bottling technologies are a customized solution engineered for your needs. From beers and ciders to teas, waters, sodas and more. Whatever your bottling needs, Meheen can customize a filler to accommodate any size or shape glass or aluminum bottle with the production volumes you require.

Small Footprint Big Results
Meheen fillers are designed to optimize your limited floor space and turn it into a large scale production zone.

Consistent Fills
Bottle pre-evacuation, controlled pressures and long fill tubes = calm pours, low O2 pick-up and low product loss = a consistent, quality product bottle after bottle.

Pneumatically Powered
Meheen fillers are pneumatically powered for long-term reliability. No motors, gears or bearings to maintain. Low annual maintenance costs.

Mission control
Our operating system helps you monitor and control fill rates, counter pressure, CO2 pulse/fobbing and other aspects of your filling process at the touch of a button.




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