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Manufacturier: Caliper Life Science
Modèle: Turbovap 1v
Numéro de série: TV0443N12677
Spec: 120V - 1 Phase, 10 amps.

Volume Range 50 mL or 200 mL
The Turbovap II is ideal for evaporation of large volumes resulting from liquid to liquid extractions. It has 6 sample positions and uses special glass tubes with either a 1 mL or 0.5 mL end point. This is important because it concentrates the components without letting the sample go dry thus preventing volatiles from being lost especially from environmental samples. The instrument takes up only a fraction of the bench space used by conventional rotary evaporators and can be used outside a fume cupboard like the TurboVap LV due to its 12 foot duct hose. The optical sensors automatically stop the gas flow when the evaporation has reached its end volume. For solvent extracts in Hexane, Dichloromethane, Acetonitrile and Methanol we recommend a temperature of 40 °C as this minimises thermal degradation and loss of most volatiles by allowing the cool gas to condense components while offering a rapid removal of solvent.

Key Applications: The main application areas for the TurboVap II are food, water,soil and environmental solvent extraction.

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