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BUCHI V-500 Pompe Sous-Vide (Usagé)

SKU : LAB180
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Marque : Buchi
Modèle : V-500

Spec: 120V - 1 Phase, 240W
Poids: 8kg
Volume de pompage: 1.6 m3/h

This diaphragm vacuum pump provides excellent operating reliability and is suitable for use with the Büchi evaporators. All components that come in contact with solvent vapors are made of highly resistant materials, including PTFE membranes, and glass heads. Suction volume 1.6 m3/h and final vacuum 10 mbar, make this pump suitable for many applications in the laboratory. Integrated switch box automatically switches the pump on or off according to vacuum demand prolonging pump life. Optional Woulff flask may be connected in front of pump as a vacuum reservoir to protect pump from liquids accidentally sucked into vacuum line.

Manuel: http://www.severnsaleslabequip.com/manual-PDFs/R%20Rotary%20evaporators/BUCHI%20V-500,%20501,%20502,%20503,%20Operation%20manual.pdf

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