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VARIAN 320 Prostar UV/VIS Absorbance Detector (Used)

SKU: SSV4099
Brand: Varian
Model: 320

Wavelength range​ 190–700 nm

Bandwidth​ 8 nm

Wavelength accuracy​ ± 1 nm, self-calibrating

Wavelength reproducibility​ ± 0.1 nm

Wavelength control​ front panel or analog input 10 mV/nm

Noise​ 2 x 10-5 AU at 230 nm, with 1 sec response time

Drift​ <3 x 10-5 AU/hr after warm-up

Linearity​ 1% to 10 AU equivalent

Ranges​ 0.0005 to 20.000 AUFS user-selectable

Autorange​ available for off-scale peaks

Response time​ 0.01 to 10 sec, user-selectable

Recorder output​ 100 mV FS

Integrator output​ 1V FS, sensitivity user-selectable

Lamp on/off​ via front panel or remote input

Autozero​ via front panel or remote input

Event mark​ via front panel or remote input

Light source​ xenon flashlamp

Optics​ dual beam

Temperature range​ 4° to 40°C

100-240V, 50/60Hz, 145VA.

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