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SCIENTECH SA310 REV-B Balance (Used)

Brand: Scientech
Model: SA310 Rev-B

Serial number: 11988
Spec: 120V - 1 Phase, 25W.
max 310g, d=0,0001g

Analytical balance with 0.1 mg resolution and capacity of 310 g. External calibration.

Scientech's SA310 analytical balance is part of the new and improved Series 12000 balances from Scientech. The Series 12000 line incorporates Scientech's unique displacement detector, which is the heart of their state of the art, self-adjusting digital servo. The result is a ten-fold increase in weighing performance while maintaining Scientech's proven, simple, easy to use operator interface. The attractive quality of this new design is further supported by Scientech’s ISO 9001 registration. Every Series 12000 model is a precise weighing device incorporating an impressive list of standard features.

All Series 12000 analytical balances are microprocessor controlled with Scientech’s exclusive real time temperature compensation algorithm. This revolutionary internal software corrects every updated weight reading for temperature changes as small as 0.001°C without having to recalibrate the balance -- yielding accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrate your balance as the ambient temperature varies. All these complex calculations take place in the background and are totally invisible to the end user. You will never have that nagging doubt again that you should have recalibrated before that last critical weighing.

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