RAMSEY ICORE MKII/FR10 Checkweigher (Used)

Brand: Ramsey ICORE
Model: MKII/FR10
The Thermo / Ramsey Engineering ICORE Checkweigher is designed to weigh items on a conveyor belt.
This product features stainless steel construction, an on-board conveyor belt, and an in-line scale. Chain Weigh-table dimensions: 11 in. L x 6 in. W. Maximum aperture: 6 in. W. Maximum capacity: 24.2 lbs. Maximum speed: 20 to 550fpm. Boston Gear Motor, 1/4 hp, 1725 rpm, 90 V. Suitable for cartons, cans, bottles, pouches in dry
or wet environments. Utilizes stainless steel chain-transport mechanism for optimum speed and accuracy.
The Mark - Frame 10 checkweigher is a precision measurement and inspection machine for in-motion
weighing, weighs checking and control. The system transports, accurately weight and automatically
separates products or containers on the basis of weight which is measured at high speeds without
interruption of line flow.
The Mark II has several unique features all standard with each checkweighter.
-  Three Programmable Setups - Allows for simple change over for up to three products of different weight
and line speed. Maintains separate counts for each shift.
- High resolution (+/- 10 mg)
- Automatic Zero - Zero's between each package. Needs rezero light illuminates whenever more than 4000 items have passed without and autozero occuring.
- Electronic noise immunity system - Reduces downtime and prevents costly damage to electronic circuits.
- Password Protection - Prevents unauthorized changes to machine settings.
- Computer Controlled Speed - Improves accuracy by maintaining speed regardless of load
- Built-in gray zone measurement
- Automatic Self Diagnostics
- Reduces maintenance and downtime.
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