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Q-Pump QC216MD36TC Centrifugal Pump (Used)

Brand: Q-Pump
Model: QC216MD36TC

QC Series Centrifugal pumps are built and designed in compliance with 3A Standards, with the following characteristics:

  • • Open Impeller
  • • Volute casing with central suction
  • • Fittings: Clamp (standard), Flange, NPT thread, Weld, Bevel Seat and DIN
  • • 304 stainless steel support legs and bracket kit
  • • Manufactured in compliance with NEMA (American) and IEC (European) standards
  • • Can operate at both 60Hz and 50Hz
  • • 304 stainless steel adaptor
  • • All parts in contact with the product are made from 316L stainless steel.
  • 2,5'' in; 2'' out; 575V, 3 phase, 1hp, 1750 rpm.

The QC pumps are made with the traditional coupling system (Puriti, Tri-Clover, Waukesha "C" Series), through the use of a pin, however, at Q-PUMPS, we have developed the QC Plus Pump (QC+), which facilitates and accelerates the entire assemble of QC Series pumps, making it easier to hold the stub shaft to the motor using a collar. The stub shaft plus is threaded, offering a tighter fit of the impeller, through the use of a key and nut, and together, encompassing an assembly specially designed to maintain the conditions required by 3A sanitary standards. Over the long term, the QC+ pump coupling is more effective that the regular pump. The traditional QC series pump is easily interchangeable with the QC+ pump, with the Kit Plus.


QC sanitary pumps are mainly used handling products with a viscosity of less than 500cps (primarily soft liquids): like dairy products, juice, soft drinks, wine, beer, purified water, oil, alcohol, vaccines, etc.

This pump can handle low pressures and high volumetric flows of up to 1,200gpm. Pression: 310 ft. Temperature: 180*C to 356*C. Max viscosity: 600 cps. 

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