MOJONNIER Carbocooler + Flow mix + UV water Purificator (Used)

SKU: EB01-3
Brand: Mojonnier Bros Co


The carbo-cooler from Mijonnier is used in the manufacture of cold drinks. For example, it can be useful for making soft drinks, juice, energy drinks, beer and wine.

Machine Operation:

First off, the water circulates through 2 liquid filters including an ultraviolet filter. Then the filtered water and syrup proportioner. It's at this stage where the filtered water is mixed with the syrup in order to obtain the desired product. Subsequently, the resulting mixture is sent to the carbo-cooler and it's at this moment that the product is cooled by the liquid ammonia system. It is in the carbo-cooler that the co2 is injected to make the drink carbonated. Finally, the mixture undergoes a complete transformatin inside the condenser to obtain the desired product.

Manufacturer: Mojonnier
Spec: Amoniac

220V, 3 phase

Model: F
Serial number: 6163FM

Model: 24-60
Serial number: 5790

UV Water Purificator
Manufacturer: Atlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron
Model: S2400C
Spec: 120V, 60hz, 1,2 amps, 40 GMP, 100psi

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