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Low Pressure Regulating Tank (Used)

SKU: SD158
Model: TYPE 42813A

Type 42813A regulating tank is used to provide a reservoir of regulated dry air for cables and waveguides. It is set for an operating pressure of 6 oz/sq in (0.026 kg/sq cm). The regulating tank is equipped with a low pressure regulator valve which reduces the tank pressure to 6 oz/sq in operating pressure, and has a built-in relief which releases air from the cable or waveguide system when pressure exceeds 16 oz/sq in (.07 kg/sq cm). A low-pressure sensor with form C dry contacts activates a remote warning light or alarm (not supplied) when the pressure in the system falls below 1.6 oz/sq in (.007 kg/sq cm). 

Overall Dimensions (L x D): 26'' x 12''

Instruction Manual: /images/userfiles/files/ANDREW%20TYPE%2042813A.pdf

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