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LAB-LINE 4628 Shaking Incubator (Used)

Brand: lab-line instrument
Model: 4628

This Lab-Line 4628 Shaking Incubator (Environmental orbital shaker) has separate displays for time, speed and temperature. Quickly program cycle times, shaking speeds and temperatures. Programmable timer permits continuous shaking (indicating accumulated time) or timed shaking (indicating time remaining) from 0.1minute to 99.9 hours. An audio/visual alarm wants users when the time has expired or when temperature is more than ±2°C above set point, in which case shaking motion is halted. Can accommodate Erlenmeyer flasks up to 2L. Speed is 15-500RPM with ±1RPM accuracy. Orbit is 19mm (¾") and temperature range is slightly above ambient to 60°C (140°F).

Serial Number: 0697-0264
Spec: 120V - 1 Phase, 5 amps, 600W.
Size: 33'' wide X 24'' long X 21'' high.

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