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GROVE GEAR FLEXALINE BM0213-3 Single Reduction Flexaline Speed Reducer

Brand: Grove Gear
Model: Fllexaline BM0213-3

Condition: New
​Ratio: 10:1

• Rugged iron housings, covers, and flanges provide superior strength and rigidity.

• Single cover output design ensures gear centering for maximum efficiency and minimum noise levels.*

• The worm shaft is cut integral with the input shaft then hardened, ground, and polished to provide maximum efficiency with minimum gear noise.

• The bronze worm gear is chill cast from the highest quality bronze to provide superior wear and lubricity characteristics for longer life and higher efficiency.

• Premium tapered roller bearings on output shafts provide greater life, overhung load and thrust capacity.

• Oversized steel output shaft provides superior overhung load and torque characteristics.

• Premium Chicago Rawhide Viton® double lip seals provide extended life because of increased resistance to high temperature, abrasion and chemicals.*

• O-rings on input and output covers provide positive sealing without undependable gaskets or messy silicone sealants.*

• Non-compressible metal shimsmaintain factory bearing settings and gear alignment throughout the life of the product.*

• The unique quill seal guard protects the input seal from damage during motor installation.*

• Large oil capacity provides positive splash lubrication and superior cooling capability.

• Metal nameplate drive screwed to housing insures easy field identification for repair parts and replacement.

• Units are oil filled at the factory with the proper lubrication to provide simple and economical installation.**

• All units are 100% run and leak tested at the factory to insure that you receive the highest quality product.

* Standard on unit sizes up to and including 5 1/4 inch center distance only. (Size 213 to 252)

** Seven, eight, and ten inch center distance reducers are shipped without oil. (Sizes 2700, 2800 and 21000)

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