GORING KERR/THERMOFISHER EZX 420 Contaminant Detector (Used)

Brand: ThermoFisher
Model: EZx 420

The EZx is a conveyor linescan X-ray inspection system designed primarily for contaminant detection in packaged products. The EZx provides a functional and user-friendly quality control system in any factory.

The EZx is intended for use where conventional metal detectors fail – detecting dense contaminants such as metal, glass, stone, and plastic in products that incorporate metal as part of the product packaging. Examples include metal foil-encased foods, foods in aluminum tins or trays, foods with metal foil “freshness” seals, and selected foods with thin metal lids.

The EZx inspection machine comes equipped with the following key features:

• User friendly controls
• Easy setup and operation
• Detection of dense contaminants in metal packaging
• Variable input/output assignments
• Communications option
• Washdown housing (IP65)
• Variety of aperture sizes
• 100 product capability

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