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FAGUY 25DEC-9N/1A Diesel Generator 25KW 600V (Used)

Brand: Faguy
Model: 25DEC-9N/1A

Serial number: 76C901619
AC Volts: 600, KVA: 31.25, ​KW: 25, PH: 3, RPM: 1800, ​AMPS: 30, ​PF: 0.8

The engine is a Ford Model PX-6005 and is fully described in Ford manual. It basically is a for-cyloinger, water cooled, diesel (compression ignition) engine. Cylinder bore is 3.937 inches, piston stroke is 4.524 inches, and displacement is 220 cubic inches. Engines are rated 53.0 horsepower (standby) at 1800 rpm. Compression ratio is 16 to 1. Standard oil capacity is 8.1 US quarts. 12 volt battery current is used for starting and control circuits. Specific engines used may have variations dur to optional features of generating plant.
The generator consists of a 4 pol revolving fiels alternator and ''static'' exciter with magnetic amplifier regulation. Alternating current output is generated in the alternator stator winding attached directly yo the rear end of engine. The rotating field of the alternator is attached to the engine flywheel, and so turns at engine speed. Rotor speed determines the current frequecy - thus the 60 cycle plant must operate at approximately 1800 rpm, and the 50 cycle pant at approximately 1500 rpm. The outer end of the rotor turns in a large sealed ball bearing fitted into the end bell.
The stationary exciter is mounted on a metal frame attached to the alternator end bell, and protected by a sheet metal enclosure. The exciter and regulator provides voltage regulation of plus or minus 2%, from no-load to continuous-load. Stable generator output is established within 5 seconds after a change in load. The exciter has no moving parts, and needs no external voltage regulator.


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