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Becker SV 7.330/1-01VSF Regenerative Blower (Used)

Brand: Becker
Model: SV 7.330/1-01VSF

With the Becker SV7 Regenerative Blowers the relief valve and inlet filter position can be reversed, or modified, as the need changes. Relief valves can even be converted from vacuum to pressure relief valves, or vice versa.

With the Becker SV7 Regenerative Blowers there is no need to select and install separate relief valves and 4 micron inlet filters. They are integrated into the inlet or discharge silencer tubes, eliminating an unsightly collection of plumbing fittings. This lowers installation costs and reduces the space required for installation.

These blowers are Quiet and Environmentally Friendly as well.
Becker blowers are among the quietest in industry, with sound levels between 74 and 79 dBA, depending on version and configuration and are 100% oil-less and never require oil or grease. They deliver clean, totally oil free discharge air.

The vacuum pump manufacturer, Becker Pumps, recommends having a spare set of vanes, complete repair kit, and filters on hand. Being prepared can prevent headaches in the future by having the vacuum pump parts needed for routine service on your compressors or pumps.

Control Specialties is your best source for Becker SV7 Regenerative Blowers and repair kits as well as offering a complete vacuum pump repair service for all of your vacuum pumps.

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