$7,000.00 CAD

Piston filler (Used)

Brand: Promak Solutions

Volumetric piston filler, specifically designed for fresh food manufacturer, for products ranging from liquid to viscous. In particular, when the products contain (big) chunks, they are neither cut nor smashed.

This piston filler fills liquid and semi-viscous products like: hot soups, jams and spreads, yogurts with fruits, salsa, hummus & cheese dips, cottage, white cheese.

This volumetric piston filler for fresh food filler automatically fills viscous products like: protein salads, potato or pasta salads, cream cheese based dips, creamy coleslaw, sour cream based dips, peanut butter, cakes & cookies dough.

It can fill also automatically sticky products like: glues, epoxies, paints, caramels.

Ajustable height

Filling range:  100-1500ML

Hopper's capacity: 22L

Electricity: 110V single phase

Air: 40 PSI

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$7,000.00 CAD