AESUS AesFill AF1 Liquid Filling Machine (Used)

Brand: AESUS
Model: AesFill AF1

AESUS design a versatile and compact modern filler featuring quick changeover and as few contact parts as possible. The AF1 raises the bar for what a small liquid filler can accomplish.  

The unique Patented AESPump precision sanitary pharmaceutical grade pump can be totally disassembled for cleaning and sterilization.

Each unit has touch control screen. Volumes can be entered as low as 10cc (⅓ oz.), [lower volumes with adapters]  to volumes greater than 4 Liters (1 Gallon) with an accuracy of up to ±0.5%.  Just as easily, the fill speed can be adjusted to give gentle foamless filling.

A recycle timer is built in; press the footswitch once and the machine will fill every few seconds (which you set on the panel). Press the footswitch again and it will stop. Or you can fill whenever you press the footswitch; your choice. 

If you decide that manual filling using the AESFill AF1 fillers is not what you want, you can add the automation package and it can be automated over a conveyor. 


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