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Jamesbury VALV-POWR 400 (Used)

SKU: SD134
Brand: jamesbury
Model: VPVL400SR4/5BD

Spring return actuator with valve




Jamesbury Valv-Powr VPVL series size 400 spring return rack and pinion actuator having 4.92" bore dia features a pressure rating of 30 - 116 psi and is made of aluminum

The Jamesbury Valv-Powr - VPVL double-opposed piston actuators combine the benefits of high cycle life, a rugged construction and an extremely compact and symmetrical design with a unique range of features and options. They are specifically designed for fast efficient operation of ball, butterfly and other rotary type valves.

  • 60 ft-lb Air torque output at 60 psi
  • Modular design utilizing same body and end caps for both double-acting and spring-return versions
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High cycle life with low friction bearings on all moving and sliding surfaces
  • Machined gear teeth provide longest life and smoother operation
  • Safety contained springs prevent hazards of inadvertent ejection during maintenance
  • Adjustable stops for both open and closed positions
  • Versatile, modular design, long cycle life, safe and reliable
  • Designed for 1000000 cycles
  • Safety spring cartridges applicable in the SR version
  • Stainless steel external adjustable travel stops in both directions
  • Standard modifier code
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Multi-guides on the aluminum pistons for precise movement and low friction
  • Model D
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